Tot School: Letter A {35 months}

We're trying it again, people.  This Tot School thing.  Fall and winter are a lot slower around here with not much outside work to do.  I am hopeful we can be consistent with Luke learning his letters and numbers this winter.

We started out with Letter A, although he is pretty familiar with it already.  It was a good confidence booster for him and I am hoping it will jumpstart us back into Tot School.  Here is what Luke was up to this week:

Letter A

Activity:  I introduced the verse of the week and we found and put up some magnetic letter As.  Luke was a bit disappointed when there were no more As to be found.  

Resource: Letter A Bible Verse

Activity:  Luke practiced getting ready to write the letter A.  His fine motor skills are coming along, but he still needs lots and lots of practice.

Resource: Getting Ready for Letter A

Activity:  I cut an apple in half and Luke painted with an apple on the letter A.

Resource: Printable Letter A

Activity:  Luke traced the letter A.  This was HARD for him.  We did 'hand over hand' for most of the sheet where I placed my hand on his while he traced.  He wanted his name written on the paper and he was super excited that I wrote Luke (aka Gook) on the top of his page.

Resource: Tracing Letter A

Activity not pictured:  This week we read many ABC books as well as an A book with rhymes and songs about the letter A.  He is good at retelling stories, so he did a lot of that this week.

Resource: Little Letter A Book

Activity not pictured:  I cut out letter A vocabulary cards for Luke to use throughout the week.  He liked getting them out and lining them up and reading them.  

Resource: Letter A Vocabulary Cards

Tot School Letter A Planning Form

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