Random Picture Friday

Happy Halloween weekend!  Although this isn't my favorite holiday, I sure enjoy dressing my kiddos up once a year.  Here are some pictures from this past week...have a fun and safe Halloween!

Our tool man

 Pinterest fail

She is on the move.

Everyday moment.

Combine riding

Sunday night shenanigans

Kevin and Luke were in Cassie and Eric Beedle's wedding last weekend.  Aren't they dapper?

These moments are rare.  I was sitting in the backseat on the way home from church and this little lady fell asleep holding my hand.

Kevin took a day off for us to all explore Vala's Pumpkin Patch together.

Some everyday happenings.

This girl

We made a trip to Barnes and Noble this week after doctor's appointments.  It might be Luke's favorite store EVER.

Luke helped me make some pumpkin cut out cookies.  He kept on telling me: 'Oh, mommy!  You're making a mess.'  He may not look like me, but he is surely my child.

One of my favorites from the week

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