Our Christmas

Like many Mommas, I am recovering from Christmas and remembering the loveliness of it all.  It's hard to believe one of my favorite holidays passed so quickly, but I think that's what Christmas is like for most adults who prepare so much for the special day.  It comes and goes and the magic of the season slowly fades as we all prepare for the long, cold winter ahead.

We spent lots of time with family and cousins, we snuggled at home in our pajamas as a family of four, and ate trays full of cookies and cake and gingerbread men.  There were presents and good food and Thomas the train and surprises and so many fits of laughter and giggles. 

My favorite part of Christmas is always Christmas morning at home with just our little family.  We had a slow morning and Kevin and I actually had to wake the kids up around 8 because we just couldn't wait any longer.  We ate egg casserole and sipped on coffee and hot cocoa as the kids opened their gifts. I'm pretty sure neither Luke or Lily ate anything until lunch, as they were too excited to take time to eat.

After the gifts were opened we reorganized bedrooms and went through some of our old toys to see if there were any we could donate or give away.  It's one of my favorite days of the year to be home as a family.  Even though we didn't have snow this year, we still cuddled up under blankets and stayed in our pajamas all day long.  The day ended with our little tradition of singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

The day after Christmas is always the day to take down the Christmas tree.  I love getting out all the Christmas decorations and I love taking them all down and having a clean, uncluttered slate to start the new year.  Luke was slightly disappointed about the tree getting put away, but he had his train table and Grandma and Grandpa to keep him occupied.

Now that 2016 is almost behind us, I am looking forward to the exciting changes in 2017.  Adding a sweet baby boy and moving into our addition (and out of the basement) will start this year off splendidly.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by the ones you love most and have a fantastic 2017!

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