Summer Bucket List

It's summertime, officially.  We have been living in over 90 degree heat here, so it has felt like summer for awhile.  We are so close to finishing up our first year of homeschool, so I thought I would share some things we are hoping to do as we gear up for the summer months.  My type-A personality loves a good list, hence this post.  I asked Kevin and the kids to help me with this list, and although Luke and Lily aren't old enough to completely get it, they had some good ideas.  Here we go...

  • Head to our favorite swimming hole for an all day adventure.
  • Turn on the sprinkler and let the kids have at it.
  • Let the kids pack their lunch for the day and head to a splash park.
  • Make citrus paintings.
  • Stay up extra late and catch lightning bugs under the stars.
  • Make ice cream sundaes.
  • Do fireworks in a jar.
  • Do tree bark rubbings.
  • Plan a road trip together and go! (We are in the planning stages of a two week long Iowa and Wisconsin road trip, stay tuned...)
  • Make homemade sidewalk chalk paint.
  • Go the the farmer's market and pick out everything for a fresh, homemade meal.
  • Do the magic milk experiment.
  • Invite friends over for a water playdate.
  • Go to John Deere and climb on all the equipment.  
  • Have a family movie night with Finding Dory (the kids' favorite) and make these adorable under the sea graham crackers.
  • Head to the slides in the Old Market and get ice cream.

As you can see, we have already crossed some things off our list.  Summer always flies by and I am going to do my best to do some intentional living when there is more sunshine in a day and more reasons to be outside these walls of our home.  

Happy Summer, all!  I want to know, what is on your summer bucket list?

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