A Simple Saturday

This week was glorious with some playdates, Luke's last swim lesson, and some time at home.  It was extra sweet since it was a four day work week for Kevin. This morning we are cheering our fearless leader on as he runs in a 5K.  It is going to be such a fun morning!

This week I'm sharing some things that made my week simpler.  I am all about simplifying life with three littles and these things do just that.

First up, the background for this picture.  This sedum is nothing short of a miracle.  The green and yellow bursts of color spread far and wide when planted in the sun.  When doing a google search, I believe it's sedum grisebachii. Whatever it is, it makes my life simpler.  Two things about this sedum: 1. it is the perfect ground cover to keep out weeds 2. it is very, very hard to kill. I have been planting and spreading it everywhere.

Strawberry season!  Strawberries are ripe and ready in our backyard and it makes an after meal treat pretty simple.  The kids head out to the backyard and scavenge for the reddest strawberries they can find.  It also teaches Luke and Lily about where our food comes from, how plants need water, sun and soil to grow and what a perfectly ripe strawberry looks like.  Win-win-win.
(P.S. If you don't have a strawberry patch in your backyard, check out a pick-your-own-berry farm or The Fruit Club.)

Picnics.  It is finally the time of year when I don't have to sweep the kitchen floor after every. single. meal.  #praisehands  The kids love to sit in their treehouse for a fun change of pace during lunch or at our patio table for dinner.  They are working on sitting on their bottoms during a meal (why is this so hard?) and being outside definitely helps with the process.  It is worth lugging food in and out of the house for a clean kitchen when we come inside.

Muslin blankets.  I don't think a momma can have too many of these. This summer I will be toting these absolutely everywhere for a burp spit-up-everywhere cloth, a blanket to lay Jude on the grass, or a protective cover when we are out in the sun.  They are lightweight and easy to throw into the diaper bag when we are out and about.

Did you run barefoot as a child?  The feeling of grass in-between toes is the essence of childhood.  In the past I have been undemocratic about wearing shoes outside.  Shoes outside were non-negotiable.  These days I am letting my littles run outside sans shoes.  Why?  Because...childhood.  Because...it's simpler.  They can easily step outside to play on the swing set without needing me and that, my friends, is magical.

I hope you have a simple weekend wherever you may be today.  We will be spending as much time outside as possible during these almost summer days.  

Have a Sunny Saturday!

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