Joy sticks

Going down the aisle to pick up a pregnancy test can warrant lots of different emotions from different people.  When Kevin and I were trying to get pregnant, walking down that aisle commanded both anxiety and hope.  Anxiety that the test would show a minus sign and hope that Kevin and I would be blessed to start our own little family with a bright, bold plus sign.
On the morning that Kevin and I found out about our little miracle, we had so much hope and joy.  I wanted to relive that joy again and again and again.  Over the course of the next week, I took 5 more pregnancy tests just to make sure the miracle was true.  Kevin laughed at me at first and then after the third one, thought I was just a teensy bit ridiculous.  Ridiculous or not (okay ridiculous), each one of those 'joy sticks' reminded me that God is capable of absolutely anything.

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