Frosting filled cupcakes

For our gender reveal party I debated between doing a layered cake and cupcakes.  It was a very hard decision (like deciding between a cookie dough blizzard and a snickers blizzard...haaard), but finally decided on individual cupcakes.  I wanted to make them myself and was a little nervous about the task, but I was pleasantly surprised when they actually were super easy!

First, I made the cupcakes and let them cool.  You can use a mix, recipe, anything your little heart desires.  I had to remind myself that I couldn't lick the spoon...this was NOT easy!  No raw eggs for this pregnant lady.

Next, I made the frosting mixed with blue food coloring.  I put the frosting in a Ziplock bag and cut off a corner.
Then, I used a sharp knife to cut a small cone-like hole in each cupcake (top big, bottom little).  I squirted a tad bit of frosting in, cut off the bottom of the cone (this is important) and stuck the top of the cone back on.  If you don't cut off the bottom of the cone, you will have frosting squirting out the top...and in my case, that would have ruined the surprise.  The best part about this step is you have lots of little pieces of cupcake to sample...

Finally, I frosted them and put the cupcake toppers on...and that was it!  It literally took me an hour tops.  I love things that turn out great and only take a wee little hour!

Please let me know if you try them and how they turn out!

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