Chow (pregnancy style) in Chi-town

Kevin and I have been on our annual visit to Chi-town the past few days and have thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds...and especially all the tastes that a big city has to offer.  Our friends, Anne and Pete, are always gracious and amazing hosts and this visit was no different.  We spent the weekend at their place and enjoyed some incredible chow.

Being pregnant has changed my palette quite a little bit.  Anything normal, boring, and comforting is what my belly craves.  Think: mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, etc.  I know, boring.  Because of this change in my palette, this trip to Chicago was slightly different for me.  
We love to explore new places and new foods with Anne and Pete (and they are so great at finding these places), but this time it was extra challenging because I was looking for options that also please my pregnancy palette.

We ate at two quaint little restaurants for our dinners Friday and Saturday evening.  They both served New American style dishes and although the food was delicious, my favorite part about these places was the atmosphere and small little touches that made these places special.  Some of those little touches included: a ping pong table (and yes, we did play), a record player with lots of vinyl to choose from, vintage glassware, and under the stars seating.  Friday night's place was called 'ada street' and you can find info. here.  There were lots of interesting and fun things on the menu, which we ordered, but I opted for the picnic dinner, which included fried chicken...definitely met my pregnancy palette.  Saturday evening we went to 'lulu cafe' and their website is here, where I slurped up the spaghetti (SO GOOD).  If you ever find yourself in Chicago, these places are definitely worth a try.

On Saturday morning we were promised breakfast from Pete and he delivered.  He made waffles with strawberries and homemade whipped cream (I am trying this when I get home), sausage, and cheesy eggs.  Pete is so great in the kitchen and it was so sweet of him to cook us up a big breakfast to start our day.

Sunday morning we headed to the farmer's market, since it's one of my favorite summer time things.  One of the first places we saw was a crepe cart.  I LOVE these flat, pancake like morsels of goodness and let's just be honest, there are not many crepe options in Macedonia, unless I'm making them myself.  I got a crepe with chocolatey Nutella.  I always forget about Nutella, I am going to buy some when I get home.  It was absolutely the best thing I could have had for breakfast that morning.  Perfect. 

We were able to enjoy a White Sox game on Sunday afternoon, where I enjoyed a plate of corn and pretzel.  Kevin had a very large braaaaaat.  As yummy as it looked, I'm pretty sure it's good I didn't partake (Kevin had a teensy bit of heartburn that night, the picture says it all).  

After the game on Sunday we headed to our hotel and to dinner.  We ate at Pizzeria Uno, which is a deep dish place in downtown Chicago.  The gooey cheese and tomato sauce were the tastiest parts and was worth the short little walk.

Last, and probably one of the best things I ate in Chicago, was a grilled cheese sandwich from an Italian deli.  I had been craving one of these since Saturday night, after Anne and I watched Sandwich King.  This grilled cheese sandwich was grilled perfectly and the three cheeses on some sort of yummy bread made me want to eat this everyday.  I am definitely going to re-create this at home for summer lunches.  I think I'm going back tomorrow before we leave to figure out the cheeses and the bread...and to get another one.

Chicago has been a great food getaway and I am excited to go home and try to create some of my favorites.  Thanks Anne and Pete for an incredible weekend!

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