A few of my favorite things...

Iowa summers are all about the sunscreen, sunshine, swimming holes and anything and everything outside.  I know some people love to stay inside in the coolness during the hot summer months, but I am not one of them.  I LOVE being outside in the golden, lovely hotness and don't mind sweating a little to enjoy it.  Because it is nice and warm out, there are a few things that I absolutely adore about this time of year.

First, farmer's markets.  This tops my list as one of my favorite things about summer time.  When Kevin and I lived in the Old Market, it was a Saturday morning ritual.  I love the flowers, the fresh produce, the pepper jack bread, the enchiladas, breakfast burritos, raspberry danishes...you get the point.  And I love just walking around, browsing and sampling all that people from Omaha (and the area) have to offer.  I usually go to the Old Market farmer's market on Saturday morning, but on Sunday I visited the Aksarben farmer's market and was just as impressed.  It was more spread out and had lots of fun music and performers.  Now I have two days a week where I can enjoy one of my favorite summer time activities.

so cute

one of the booths at the farmer's market
When the sun is getting hot and the air dry, there is nothing better than taking a dip in our local swimming hole.  Our swimming hole, 'The Quarry', is equipped with a rope swing, dock, slide, and high platform.  There is also camping available, but Kevin and I tried that once and figured out we're not the 'camping type'.  It's a great place to take a raft and just float in the water or to have some serious play time.  I have been taking my nephews and niece here for the past few years and am happy that this year we are just a five minute drive away!  It might become my afternoon getaway after weeding the gardens this summer...

jumping off the dock at the quarry
Another thing that's great about these hot months is having my nephews and niece for a few days over summer break.  They always come to my house for 'vacation' and we always have so much fun.  One of our stops is always The Quarry, along with the downtown fountains and slides.  The kids always get a chance to make their own breakfast and dinner.  Some of their past creations have included: make your own pizza, make your own sundaes, dirt cups, and blueberry muffins, just to name a few.  And we usually try and do something in Omaha they've never done before, which is starting to become somewhat of a challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing them in just a few short weeks for their 'vacation'.

making blueberry muffins last year
This last favorite thing will be a little different this year, but I think it will still remain a favorite.  The College World Series is always in Omaha and Kevin and I have gone the past 4 years.  We don't necessarily go to a game, we just go for the festivities.  Our friends Anne and Pete always come during CWS and we always have an incredible time.  Last year was the first year at the new stadium downtown and it was exciting to live so close to all the action.  The reason I say this year will be different...well, we live about 35 minutes away now, I'm pregnant, and Anne and Pete are coming to Omaha at a different time.  I don't know how much I will like taking in the festivities this year, but I am definitely going to give it a try!  It starts in just under two weeks and my family is going to try and go to a game opening weekend.  We'll see if it remains a favorite!

shelby and i last year at cws

These are a few of my favorite summer things and I am so excited that the hot weather is just getting started...there are at least 3 more months left!

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