A Weekend on the Farm

One of my very best friends came to visit this weekend.  I love her and have known her almost my entire life.  Anne and her boyfriend, Pete, came to visit us (and mostly Luke) on the Trail all the way from Chicago.  We visit one another about twice a year; they come to Omaha (now to Macedonia) once and we travel to Chicago once.  I always look forward to these visits, but this visit was quite different than past visits.  There were no nice dinners out, no quadricycle, no coffeehouses, no late nights, and the biggest difference...no city lights or noises.  We were on the Trail...the entire weekend.  It was so relaxing, refreshing, and fun!  We did all things 'farm'.  
The first night we visited Kevin's parents and later had a steak dinner with meat from down the road.  On Sunday, the boys brewed beer (weird) and did some target practice in the field.  Anne even joined in the fun and I believe she was the only one who knocked over a can...yea!  And if, on queue for Anne and Pete's visit, our furnace went out.  We were left to 'rough it' and use the wood burning stove to keep warm.  Our wood burning stove did the job and I believe our house was quite a bit warmer than it usually is with the fire roaring.  We made some homemade pretzels to go with some of Kevin's beer and the boys had a contest for the best pretzel.  I think it was a tie?  Their visit wrapped up with a visit to Macedonia.  Anne and I stayed home to cuddle with Luke while Kevin took Pete to the famous Quarry and 'Donia Bar.  The weekend went by so fast, but I enjoyed the time chatting and catching up with Anne.  Even though we are living in different places with different things going on in our lives, we can still talk like we haven't been apart...and I treasure that and our friendship so much.

pjs and cuddle time

target practice

anne and pete meeting luke

i don't know if the boys figured out the perfect technique to making pretzels...

luke wasn't too excited about this picture

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