I love Christmas for many reasons...Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas traditions, Christmas music, the birth of our Savior, and Christmas cookies!  On Sunday, we worked on the cookie piece of the Christmas puzzle.  My friend, Annie, held a Cookie Party at her home and everyone invited brought cookies to make cookie plates for our friends and neighbors.  I brought almond sugar cookies (which are amazing), funfetti cookies, and pretzel candies.  I was planning on making multiple batches of pretzel candies because I had all the fixings and they seemed so simple.  Put pretzels on a cookie tray and top with a Hershey kiss.  Put in the oven at 350 degrees for 3 minutes and then press an M & M into the chocolate.  Sounds simple enough.  Well, after one batch, I realized my simple recipe was a little more tedious than expected.  It wasn't hard to do, but I just didn't like putting those M & Ms on top of those Hershey kisses.  So, instead of multiple batches, I made just one weeny one.  I ate most of the leftover M & Ms and stuffed the Hershey kisses in the cupboard for emergencies.  
Well, it just so happened that my friend, Diane, brought all the fixings to make multiple batches of these little pretzel candies and I had nothing else to do at the party...so I ended up making more pretzel candies.  I might have complained a little and made a bigger deal about it than necessary...just maybe.  Pretzel candies aside, it was a wonderful afternoon and the weather even cooperated with a little snow to put us 'in the mood'.  Thanks Annie for being such an amazing host and friend!

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