Cloth diapering...craziness or awesomeness?

Luke has been sporting super cute cloth diapers for about a month now.  He finally fits into them and boy his bum is adorable in those things.  Baby bums are adorable in just about anything, but I guess the orange, blue, and green fabric just make Luke's bum a little extra special.
Some of you think I'm crazy.  Some of you think I've lost it and some days I'm right with you.  Why did I decide to cloth diaper?  The number one reason...my mother.  She ranted and raved about how eeeeasy it was to put me in cloth diapers when I was a baby and how it helped my skin so much.  She also claims it helped potty train me sooner.  Whether it did any of those things (wouldn't that be great), she made me believe I could do it and that is the number one reason I chose the cloth diapering route.
There are also other reasons and you've heard them before: They are cost effective (Kevin loves this) and better for the environment.  Did you know that a baby goes through about 2,788 diapers in the first year of life and the cost is around $500?  Since I am staying at home I figured a little extra money saved on diapers wouldn't be a bad thing.  And horray for the environment!  Last, my final and most fun reason for cloth diapering...they are absolutely, positively adorable.
So, is cloth diapering absolute craziness or awesomeness?  In my one month of experience (remember I am still in the honeymoon stage), I think it's pretty awesome.  That being said, I will be posting more about my cloth diaper adventures and if the awesomeness continues or if it all comes crashing down on me.  Happy weekend everyone!

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