Kevin and I made our annual trip to Chicago last week and Luke tagged along for the fun (haha).  We were there Tuesday evening through Saturday and we enjoyed 'city life' during our stay.  It was great to be minutes away from Starbucks and Trader Joe's(along with Macy's, H&M, and a whole slew of other stores).  
Luke and I wandered around downtown Chicago during the day and were able to hang out with my friend, Shelly, and her kiddos while Kevin was at his conference.  We spent evenings together at a few events including dinner at the John Hancock building and Millennium Park.  We also were able to see and hang out with Anne, one of my very best friends from high school.  She came down to see us for an afternoon (which was so sweet!) and then we stayed with her and Pete on Friday night.  They were such great hosts, especially considering we brought Luke to their cute baby free condo.  Chicago is always a fun getaway and it was even more fun this year taking Luke on his first plane ride.  

Okay, get ready for picture overload.

luke on his first plane ride

how luke and i traveled around most of the trip; we didn't bring a stroller

luke eating at mcdonalds for the first time, poor kid had to eat peas

luke and i at navy pier

anne, luke, and i out and about...i know it's not a good picture, but it's the only one we took :(

photo shoot in the hotel room

anne and luke

last year in chicago we bought this shirt after just finding out we were having a boy...it says 'little man'

kevin and luke hanging out after his conference

at the airport ready to go home

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