7 months = 212 days of Luke

Luke has been in our lives for 212 days.  He is our teensy little bundle of joy and he makes us smile and laugh everyday.  How are we so blessed?  

Below you will find what Luke has been up to this month.

  • Luke is now eating solids.  He has tried cereal, bananas, apples, peas, and pears.  He will eat just about anything we put in his mouth. We take pleasure in watching him shout and grunt in delight as the spoon is coming his way!
  • Luke's new developmental milestone this month is that he scoots backwards and in circles.  He hasn't quite figured out how to do the forward thing, yet.
  • Luke enjoys sitting up on his own and playing.  
  • Much to Kevin and I's delight, Luke has started to reach for us.  He did this for the first time when Grandma Kathy was in town and we just melted.
  • It's official, Luke is a finger sucker.  He sucks his pointer and middle finger on his left hand (just like his dad did).  He has been known to put his entire fist in his mouth as well as multiple fingers from both hands.
  • Luke loves his wooden ABC blocks.  He loves to, you guessed it, put them in his mouth.
  • Luke takes two bottles from Dad at night; one in the early evening and one right before bed.  This was a slightly difficult transition for Mom.
  • Luke's favorite thing to do is be outside.  He LOVES it.
At our last well baby visit, Luke hadn't gained any weight or inches since his last appointment a few weeks earlier.  The doctor wasn't too concerned, but wants to check up on him in a few weeks.  We would appreciate your prayers for him to continue to grow big and strong!

so funny
love this kid
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