DIY Baby Food

Apples, bananas, peas, pears...oh my!  Those are the delicious fruits and vegetable Luke has tried in his short little life.  I have been preparing his meals, thanks to my awesome food processor.  (Thanks Diane!)  

It is actually not as difficult or time consuming as I thought.  Basically I cut and peel the fruits that need it, steam the fruit or vegetable on the stove, throw it in the food processor, then spoon the puree into an ice cube tray look alike and throw it in the freezer.  I think it's actually easier for me than buying baby food because we don't make it to the grocery store often.  

I am looking forward to mixing up some different combinations in the future.  Right now I think Luke likes breakfast best: a 1 ounce apple cube and 1 ounce pear cube mixed with a little bit of cereal.  It sounds pretty darn good to me.  

Do you have any good baby food recipes?  I would love to try them!

apples cored and peeled on the stove
then in the food processor
into this tray they go

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