Playdate with Amelia and Bubbles Recipe

Luke had his first playdate with Amelia on Monday.  It was b-e-a-utiful outside and we took advantage of the sunny day to get outside and have some fun.  Amelia and Amelia's mommy, Kara, came over to our house to hang in the backyard.  We made bubbles and played with a shaving cream sensory bag.  Did you know a potato masher makes a great bubble wand?  It makes great bubbles and I don't think Amelia let go of it for more than three seconds.
Amelia is able to move around a lot more than Luke, so Luke was more of a spectator during this playdate.  I'm sure in the next year that will change!  Thanks so much for coming over Amelia and Kara!

Bubbles Recipe
6 parts water
2 parts Dawn dish soap (Dawn makes the best bubbles)

the dish soap and wands
luke gave amelia some flowers for their first play date

sweet amelia
kara, luke and copper
it was a great afternoon!

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