4th Annual Gingerbread Party

Last weekend was our 4th Annual Gingerbread Party.  It is a party we have with some of our friends to celebrate the Christmas season.  It is all for fun and is really just an excuse to all get together.  This year we opted for gingerbread people, as gingerbread houses have been a difficult task in the past.  

Kevin and I whipped up 10 gingerbread men and our friends came with supplies and snacks to complete the party.  Our gingerbread parties have changed from year to year, especially with the addition of kiddos.  This year there were four kids under two, which made the party just a little bit sweeter. 

We used Facebook to judge the winner, but not many people voted.  Soooo...if you would, please comment in the comment section below for your favorite gingerbread person so we can finally have a winner!  

#1: Ron Burgundy

#2: Herky

#3: The Nightmare Before Christmas

#4: Mark Twain 

#5: Jax from Sons of Anarchy

#6: Miley

#7: Micky Mouse

#8: ???

amelia, scarlet, luke
sweet jaxon
Happy Birthday, Shelby!


  1. Iowa one made me throw up in my mouth a little.. (lol)
    I vote Miley --- that is funny!!!
    Brenda Sale

  2. My vote is for Ron Burgundy! Love it!


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