The weekend after Thanksgiving we celebrated two very important people.  Gary turned 65 and his Dad, Gerald, turned 90.  It was a busy weekend with fun parties to attend and great people to see.  

We celebrated Gary's big birthday with a little Italian themed shin dig at his house.  Diane made some yummy food and Hillary brought a big bottle of Chianti to share with all of Gary's friends and family.  It ended up being the perfect night, as Iowa State beat West Virginia in triple overtime.  It was the perfect entertainment.  

On Sunday, we headed to Fox Run, where Gerald lives, to celebrate his 90th birthday.  There were crowds of people wishing Gerald the best.  There was a John Deere cake, of course, along with some of his tractors and pictures from his life on display.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but there was a picture of Gary as a six year old child and it looked EXACTLY LIKE LUKE.  Luke is definitely a Forristall.  It was a fun day to celebrate Gerald.

Cheers to two great Forristall men!

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father and daughter

they are such a cute couple
gerald and his memories

full family pic with gerald...gayle and marga even made the trip from germany!

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