A few weeks back Kevin, Luke, and I headed to the big city for some business and pleasure.  Kevin had a conference for work, so Luke and I tagged along for some fun and family time in New York City.  We stayed on Time Square, so we were smack dab in the middle of all the tourist action.  It was quite a bit different than life on the Trail.  There were lots of people and lots of buildings and lots of languages and and lots of pizza and lots and lots of Starbucks.  It was a nice break from our quiet life on the Trail and Luke enjoyed city life for a few days, along with many slices of pizza.  Here is our NYC diary in pictures...

kevin and luke on the plane

riding the train from newark to nyc

our good little traveler

yummy cupcakes

at the 9/11 memorial...so amazing

capizzi's pizza

look at this city kid

more pizza!

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