It was our third year hosting my family for Thanksgiving this year.  We had always gone back to Ottumwa, but the past few years we have been lucky enough to host this holiday.  My parents, along with my sister and nephew, Landon, made the trip over for Turkey Day.  We kept it simple and bought a pan of turkey and stuffing sandwich mix from a store in Dubuque when we were there a few weeks back.  If you haven't had a turkey and stuffing sandwich, you are missing out!  They are the best.  And even better than the turkey and stuffing sandwiches is the fact that I did not have to make a turkey.  Yay, me!  (My mom did end up making a turkey on Wednesday and brought almost a whole leftover turkey in containers.)

We spent the day watching the Macy's day parade and since Kevin is in a fantasy league this year, football.  We even got a few rounds of 'golf' in, a card game my Grandpa Hasley taught us.  Although it was much too short, we still enjoyed our time together and took a moment to thank God for giving us so much.  Our family has been blessed in so many ways, but what I was most thankful for on Thanksgiving was the fact that we could be together, even if it was for a short time.  Thanks for making the trip over everyone, it was great to see you!

our thankful tree
an awesome free printable from tatertots and jello

kevin and luke playing the guitar on an iPad

it was a bright sunny day on thanksgiving

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