New Year's Resolutions: Did you make one?

The new year is upon us.  I know this post is a little late, but I wanted to share anyway.  Have you been organizing, decluttering, cleaning, working out?  Haha...me too.

I love the start of the new year because it means a fresh slate, a new planner, new goals, and an excuse to buy cute workout clothes.  I am definitely a cliche.  I usually wouldn't post about New Year's resolutions, but my dear friend, Shelly, gave me this great idea the other day at our MOPS leadership meeting.  I had to share it, because I LOVE it and it has helped me be goal oriented for this new year.  If you haven't made any goals for this coming year and you want to, you should try this!  It's from Dana Hansen over at Our Purposeful Life.  It's actually labeled as an activity for kids, but it is definitely great for adults as well.   

First, write down some 'big' things that happened in 2013.  Shelly had us use a 3x5 card, but you can use a plain old sheet of paper or a Word document, or a napkin, or whatever.  This can be anything from a new job, to a child's milestone, to a vacation.  Anything that was 'big' for you.  

Next, turn over your card or paper and make 4 equal boxes.  Label the boxes 'Spiritual', 'Educational', 'Emotional', and 'Physical'.  Now, take those things from 2013 and make goals in those boxes to strengthen, build on, or work on those 'big' things.  

For example: Luke turned 1 in 2013.  My goal in the 'educational' box is to educate myself on how to teach toddlers in a fun and creative way and plan activities to build and strengthen Luke's skills.  

Another example: In 2013 some of my friend/family relationships took a back seat with the arrival of a new baby.  My goal in the 'emotional' box is to try and build those relationships this year.  So, do you get the idea? 

You DO NOT have to have a goal in each box, but you definitely can.  Sometimes it's good to have just one to focus on, while other times you can handle more.  I stuck with two goals for this coming year to keep it simple.  

Need a reason to write down your goals?  Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University of California concluded from recent research that people that wrote down their goals and shared them with a friend are 33% more likely to achieve them.  So, guess what all?  I'm telling you my goals.  

This is not for everyone.  I know Kevin doesn't have a New Year's resolution, he just sets goals throughout the year.  Everyone is different.  This worked for me and hopefully it will help some of you as well.  I wish you all a blessed year!




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