Pinterest Love: Valentine's Day

Christmas is over.  The New Year has come.  And now it's time to patiently wait through the long, cold month of January for the day of red and pink hearts.  

When I was teaching I loved Valentine's Day, because it is one of the only holidays kids do most of the celebrating at school with their friends.  But let's be real, I still love this holiday now that I'm home.  I love it for the pink and red hearts, the excuse it gives all of us women to eat chocolate, and, above all, a reason to celebrate in the midst of the most boring time of the year.

Here are some Pinterest activities you can do with your little ones on these cold days leading up to Valentine's Day.  Hope you try!

Heart Stamps from Rust & Sunshine

 Tissue Paper Valentine's Day Craft from Love Play, Learn

Valentine's Day Craft from Mama and Baby Love 

Handprint Gift (author unknown)

19 Heart Crafts from Rainy Day Mum

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