Luke's Playroom

Kevin and I were inspired over Christmas.  Luke's Uncle John made him his very first piece of custom furniture....his very own art table.  Although he's not quite big enough to sit at it, yet, he loves walking around it and taking things off the shelves.  It won't be long and he will be sitting at it coloring, painting, and making messes.  

This special table inspired Kevin and I to get Luke a playroom set up in our home.  What was previously our 'history room' with a hutch, dishes, and pictures from the past we turned into Luke's very own room to store all his toys and his little table.  This transformation took place last weekend and this week and so far, so good.  Luke is already loving his space and Kevin and I are loving the fact that all his toys have a place to call home.  The only thing left to do is find a toy organizer or toy box to organize all his smaller toys and books.  If anyone has something they love, please let me know!  

The 'History' Room converted to...

Luke's New Playroom

i had to show you this...john made holes for the play-dough!  so awesome!

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