The Beginning: Tot School

Have you heard about Tot School?  

I hadn't either until I started following Carissa over at 1+1+1=1.  She is an incredible, Godly woman and I love reading all she does to homeschool her kiddos.  She introduced the concept of Tot School to me through reading her blog and I am extremely excited to start it with Luke.  

What is Tot School?  I will let Carissa explain it: Tot school is focused time with your tot, exposing early learning skills through fun play.  You can learn more about what Carissa has to say about Tot School here.

The teacher in me loves this idea, as I can start planning fun learning activities with Luke now that he is a bit older.  It also gives me a focus for a day, which I love.  Many times when Luke and I are playing, there is no focus and this will help me with that.  I know some of you are thinking...he is only 14 months old, why are you starting so young?  Well, like Carissa states in the definition of Tot School, it is learning through play.  We do not do worksheets.  We do not do flashcards.  We do fun!

I am going to start by planning two 5-15 minute activities each day.  I have already found that some of them Luke only has the attention span for 30 seconds and THAT IS OKAY.  Most of them are things we were already doing, except now I am trying to focus on a skill.  I am also keeping brief notes of how he does with each activity, so I know how to build on it for next time.  

Here is my Tot School planning form:

I know this form will be a work in progress, as I have already edited it twice.  You can print the template here. 

I will share weekly updates on what Luke and I did each week.  I am excited about this new journey with my little man!  Hope you follow!

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