Luke at 15 months

Luke turned 15 months on Monday.  I can't believe my baby is a toddler...it just doesn't seem possible.  I know every Mom says this, but it is truth.  Somehow the first year just gets away from you and your newborn baby is jogging around the house with a sippy cup (tear).


Luke is 15 months and surprising us with what he knows everyday.  Here is a snapshot of Luke at 15 months:

  • Luke uses a straw sippy cup independently.  He hands it to us when it is empty, so we can give him a refill.
  • He had his 2nd tear duct surgery on Monday and had a small tube put into his tear duct so that it can heal open.  He was a trooper and we are praying this is a permanent fix.
  • Luke can give a high five, wave bye-bye, point to what he wants, clap, and is finally, finally starting to (kind of) give kisses. (We had a breakthrough last night.)
  • Luke is infatuated with wheels, tractors, and trucks.  He loves to watch out the window as the trucks load grain and looks to the window every time he hears a truck go by.  Maybe, just maybe, he will be more into tractor rides this spring.
  • Luke loves going to Grandpa Gary and Grandma Diane's house.  He usually doesn't let Grandpa Gary out of his sight.  His favorite things to do are play with their cat, Chet, move the tractor around in the basement, and climb up and down the stairs.  
  • We read the same books over and over everyday.  Luke's top picks right now are Little Blue Truck, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Moo, and Roadwork.
  • Luke loves to climb, trot around the house, watch Daddy make the cars go down the hall, climb the stairs, and sort, sort, sort anything and everything he can get his hands on.
  • Luke loves it when Daddy chases him around the house and plays hide-and-seek.  He is definitely a Daddy's boy.
  • Babbling is one of Luke's specialties.  He loves to tell a story when looking at a book.
  • Luke still sucks his two fingers and sleeps with one of my shirts and one of Daddy's shirts.  He has started to go and get them from his crib and carry them around the house.  
  • As far as language goes, Luke goes in spurts on what he will say.  He has said 'Dada', 'truck', 'Mama', 'Papa', and 'baba'.  None of these words are consistent, but he uses them when he wants to.
  • Luke knows where his belly is and will look down when we ask him 'where's Luke's belly?'  He will also try and lift up my shirt and Daddy's shirt when we ask where our bellies are.  So cute.
Here are some pictures we attempted to take of Luke at 15 months.  It's a little bit harder these days, now that he is super mobile.

my favorite one...our little man has a rat tail
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  1. ummm...HE'S ADORABLE!! And that sweater! LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks, Clarissa! The sweater is one of my favorites!


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