Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

The Big V-DAY is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with a Valentine's Day Sensory Bin.  I know I am the ten-thousandth person to post about this, but I am going to join the masses and post about it anyway.  This was on the agenda for Tot School today and, boy, did Luke love it.  

I filled his bin with many red and pink items I found around the house and in his playroom, as well as some items I picked up from the Target One Spot (dollar bin) including: poms, a rubber duck, felt hearts, foam hearts, pipe cleaners, a ball, bubble wand, and ribbon.  I am planning on using many of the items in other Tot School activities this week, since our theme is Valentine's Day.  

Luke's favorite items were the bubbles in the wand, the Valentine's Day rubber ducky, and the red ball (which he plays with every single day).  This was such a fun thing to do with him today, especially since heavy snow is falling here on the Trail.  

This activity helped Luke use all his senses at once to explore what was in the bin.  We talked about what color each item was, how it felt, what it tasted like (everything goes in his mouth).  I used vocabulary such as: red, pink, soft, rough, bumpy, hard, pop (with the bubbles), squishy.  By talking and playing with Luke during this activity, he was exposed to lots of language. 

first touches
throwing the ball
he was laughing at the bubbles

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