I am a closet organizer/re-purposer.  I get giddy when I have an idea to repurpose something we already have for something we really need.  That happened about a month ago when I was putting together Luke's playroom/Tot school area.  I really needed something to hold trays of activities and toys and almost, almost bought a cube organizer from Target about 24 times.  I held off for about a month and I am so glad I did.  

When we redid our mudroom last fall, we took down a tall shelf that was used for holding shoes.  I'm not sure how long it had been there, but I'm guessing awhile, as it looked like it was made for the particular space.  I used the bottom portion for a mini bar for Kevin to hold his brewing items and hauled the top shelf down to the shop/winery/shed/brewery to collect dust.  It has sat there ever since, along with all the other stuff that I don't want in the house.  I remembered it one day and just decided to go down and measure it, just to see if it would fit in the playroom space.  And, can you believe it...it did!  I was ecstatic!  

The following weekend Kevin and I (mostly Kevin) got busy spray painting the shelf black.  We sanded it down, wiped it off, and used a flat black spray paint and it turned out almost too perfect.  I used baskets I had purchased previously for my classroom that I love.  It just so happens that I can fit two of them on each shelf.  

This project was so simple and I love that I only spent about $15 on spray paint for the entire project.  For this reason, I have a fondness for Rust-Oleum.  I ramble more about spray paint here.

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