The One True Love Story

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I have been reminded by many God-loving people around me that the one true love story is the story of Jesus.  I think I have been distracted by The Notebook, chocolate caramels, and fancy white doilies all these years.  Seriously, how did I miss this?

The God of the universe came to Earth to pay for our sins and give us the freedom to choose eternal life with Him.  If this isn't true love, I don't know what is.  As I contemplate how I want Luke to think of this lovey dovey Hallmark holiday-I know one thing...I want him to know how much Jesus loves him.  If he knows nothing else in this world, I want him to know and internalize that.  We will still make red and pink hearts, sing Valentine songs, and eat chocolate covered strawberries; but we will do it all the while talking about the one true love story, the story of Jesus.

Happy Valentine's Day, all!

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