San Diego

Last week Kevin and I were Luke-less for a few days while we visited sunny San Diego.  Kevin had a conference and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a few date nights and spend some quality time together.  As much as we missed our little man, we enjoyed every single minute together.    Carving out some time to be 'just us' is exactly what we needed and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so.  (Did I mention it is a breeze to travel without a toddler???  We didn't know how easy we had it before Luke!)  

Kevin's parents took care of Luke while we were gone and that made the trip that much more enjoyable....not having to worry about a thing and knowing he is in loving, capable hands.  We didn't Skype or talk to Luke while we were gone (which was super hard), but we knew it would be difficult for him to understand if we did.  So, we checked in with Diane daily and she was so sweet to update us on all the fun things Luke did that day.  

Since Kevin had a conference, we weren't able to do much together during the day, but we definitely had some great meals at night.  Since we didn't have Luke with us we pretty much just enjoyed ourselves and didn't get the camera out much, but here are a few we managed to get...

Modern Times Brewery.  Kevin has been dreaming of going to this place for awhile now (it's the #7 brewery in the world or something, Kevin knows everything about this place).  We rented a car for the half day we had before the conference started and Kevin was able to try some brew he has been dying to try, as well as check out the cool interior of the brewery and 'talk shop' with some of the staff.  I have to say, it was pretty darn cool and I'm pretty sure we weren't cool enough to be in there.

My 'office', while Kevin was at the conference.

Sunset in San Diego.

Our pedi-cab ride I begged Kevin for...a one-way trip cost almost as much as our rental car for a day.  Oops.

Chocolate cake from Extraordinary Desserts.  My pregnancy brain was definitely making the decisions this evening.

I walked 1.2 miles to get this donut and 1.2 miles back.  It was worth it.

A big ship going through the bay, this was part of my entertainment from my 'office'.

The day we rented the car we also checked out Coronado Beach.  It was beautiful!

Heading home from San Diego.  We were really excited to see our little man at this point.

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