Random Picture Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  We are having some unexpected showers on the Trail, so it gave me a reason to stay inside to post some pictures.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, so please excuse my two weeks worth of pictures.  I'm planning on catching up on our Memorial Day pictures, as well as Tot School, sometime in the next few days.  Enjoy and have a blessed weekend!

Swimming Lessons at DiVentures in Omaha, Daddy came to watch (and take pictures)!

At his last swimming lesson, Luke went under for 5 whole seconds.  He is such a little fish!

The 21-gun salute at my Grandpa's funeral last week.

Luke has never had candy and I'm not sure if he even knows what it is, but he loves the sound of the packages and he makes piles with them in check-out lines.

Luke loves reading his Bible.

Pretty flowers Luke and Kevin picked me for Kevin and I's 7th anniversary on Monday.

Whenever it's quiet in the house, Luke is either getting into something he shouldn't be OR reading the Bible in his room.

Luke and his soon-to-be-babysitter, Joslyn.  I don't know if Joslyn knows what she's in for once she's old enough to be with Luke on his own.

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