Happy Momma's Day!

As Mother's Day wraps up for another year I sit on the couch feeling extremely thankful for the blessing of today and the opportunity to be celebrated and, also, to celebrate the amazing moms that have touched and continue to touch my life.  It was a special day as we were able to celebrate with my mom, grandma, Kevin's mom, and our little family.  Kevin sure knows how to make a girl feel special and I was feeling the love today from him and my main little man.  Even though there is one day a year to celebrate all the women out there that get called Momma, I have the amazing blessing of feeling appreciated each and every day from my men.  Life is good.  Hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day weekend!  

Mom and I today after church and lunch.  Can you spot the baby bump?? (Baby #2 coming in November, more on that later.)  

Diane, Kevin, and Luke celebrating tonight with pisssssa.

Somehow Luke and I didn't get a picture together today.  This is one of my favorites.


  1. So happy to see you were spoiled on Mother's Day! You deserve it! You are such an amazing mom!!

  2. You are so sweet, Annie...right back at you! Ellen is one lucky lady to have you as her Momma!


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