Random Picture Friday

Happy Friday all!  It is one of my favorite weekends of the year and I am anxious to spend it with my sweet family.

After a friend birthday dinner tonight, we are heading to my hometown tomorrow and I am excited to see some family and friends over the weekend, as well as celebrate the resurrection!  Our Easter routine is like most, go to church and stuff our selves silly after.  I am not totally sure of our plans (because that's how my family rolls), but I'm sure we will have some good times.  

Last weekend was one spent at home sitting on the couch binge watching basketball.  My bracket in hand, we watched pretty much every game.  There were some great ones and some terrible ones.  If you see me, please don't bring up the Iowa or UNI game...

We did cheer for our Hawks and they did win one game in the tourney, so that was fun to watch!  Kevin was super happy that his Cyclones won two games, so they will play again tonight.  I love my husband a lot.  I can't believe I'm going to type this, but Go Cy!  As Luke would say.

Saturday morning we spent some time dying Easter eggs.  Luke and Lily were so into this and it was fun to start an Easter tradition.  We also picked up some little eggs that they used markers on and that kept their attention for awhile (3.5 minutes).  

Happy Birthday, sweet Amelia!  Luke and Lily's friend, Amelia, turned four and we had fun celebrating with the birthday girl!

We had some odd weather this week.  It was beautiful for the first part of the week and then we had snow on Thursday.  I guess that's Iowa.  Kevin took on a yard project and Luke was eager to help him.

We even had a family ride in the loader tractor.  Luke wanted to show Mommy and Lily how it works.  He is the expert.

On the nice days we went on lots of adventures and Luke found some treasures to put in the drawer in his room.  It's so sweet that he wants to keep his special things.

On Wednesday we ventured to the library to go on an Easter egg hunt.  It was the tamest egg hunt I have ever been to, and this Momma loved it.  Luke did, too.  And those bunny ears are just too cute.

I'll end with my favorite picture of the week.  Sleeping babies are Mom sugar.

Have a blessed weekend all!

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