Tot School: Letter L & E

Luke has been learning his letters and I have changed my approach on it all.  I was just going in 'ABC' order and decided I was going to run into some problems when I got to the letter D.  B and D sound similar and look similar.  I opted to start teaching the letters that are in his name.  Luke loves seeing his name on paper, so it was highly motivating for him as well.  Click here for more information on this strategy.

My little man still loves tractors, trains, and anything with wheels.  I try and do activities that incorporate his love for these items.  Motivation is key for this guy.

Here is what we have been up to with the letters L and E.

Letters L and E

Activity: I squirted some paint in a gallon Ziploc bag and we drew the letter.  I helped him and then he traced my letter.  His fine motor still needs a lot of work.

Activity: While working on individual letters of the alphabet, I still try and work on his name as much as possible.  He spelled this out on his own using some foam letters I found in the dollar bin at Target.

Activity: Reading ABC books and books about excavators and loaders.

Activity: We talked about the letter 'E' and he colored the page as well.  Lily joined in on this activity and loved it.

Resource:Letter E page

Activity: Luke used a plastic egg to stamp eggs on his letter E.

Activity: Using excavator stickers, Luke filled the letter 'E'.  He really enjoyed this one.

Resource:Letter E printable

Not pictured

Activity: Luke loves his letter books.  The Measured Mom is such a good resource for these books and so much more.

Resource: Letter E book          Letter L book

Activity: For each letter, I draw the letter on our chalkboard easel and then we brainstorm words that begin with the letter.  This is one of Luke's favorites.  We also find magnetic letters and put them on the whiteboard.

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