Alphabet Activities for Every Letter

Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up.  With my to-do list, Tot school, my email, feeding the kids something other than mac and cheese, scrubbing food off every surface in my house including myself, the list goes on and on.  Mom life is a good life, but keeping up with everything is a struggle at times.  I have been learning as I go with this Tot School thing and since Luke has been learning his alphabet, I have decided to come up with an outline I can use with every letter.  This means I WILL NOT have to come up with creative activities every. single. week.  I use the outline and add and subtract where it makes sense.

Luke is three, so he does less writing and more work on letter recognition. Here is the outline of what we use with each letter.  Sometimes it takes us four days to get through, sometimes it takes us two weeks.  Since he is three, I give us both a huge helping of grace.

Bible Verse

Isn't it great when someone has already created something you can use?  Over at 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1 Momma Carissa is amazing with all her printables. We start with the Bible verse each week when I introduce the letter.  It's a great way to bring God in it right from the start!

Letter Books

The Measured Mom has some awesome little books that Luke just loves.  Lily loves reading them as well.  They are a great introduction to the letter we are studying and it brings in some songs and rhyming that make it all connect.


We have an easel in our playroom and I write the letter on the board and then brainstorm words that begin with that letter.  Sometimes I use the chalkboard, sometimes I use the chart paper.  Luke loves this, mostly because I am drawing for him.  At the end, I usually oblige him and draw a train or tractor, even if we aren't studying the letter Tt.

Find the Letter

We have a container of magnetic letters we use each week.  Luke goes through the jar and searches out the letter of the week.  This is also one of his faves.  We put those letters up on our magnetic board for the week, where our Bible verse usually hangs.

Letter Craft

Luke has never been too interested in crafts.  He will (sometimes) get into it, but not often.  I try and find crafts that appeal to his interests (i.e. anything with wheels).

If I don't have time to find or do a craft, I print off a 'fillable' letter and have Luke fill it up.

ABC Books

We are constantly reading ABC books and singing the alphabet.  Luke has just learned the entire thing and Lily loves when he sings it.  I have Luke identify the letter we are studying in the books we read.  

Some of our favorites are: 
The Sleepy Little Alphabet
The Construction Alphabet
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Country Road ABC  (for all you boy moms out there,this is a must have)

Name Practice

I always try to review Luke's name every week.  We have only done his first name, I will probably wait a little while to do his last name...as it is l-o-n-g.  He reviews by stamping his name in play-dough or using clothespins and matching his name.  Some other ways to do this:  use play-dough to spell out the name, use stamps to stamp on paper, trace the name, use magnetic letters to make the name.  Anyone else have some creative ideas?

If I have time, there might be a few activities I add in here and there.  This is just a baseline and can be modified for each child. 

Hope you found one or two things you can use with your little.  If you have any other activities you would like to share, I would love to hear them!  Please leave a comment below!

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