Mommy Summertime Essentials

I am calling it today.  Summer is here.  The high today is supposed to reach 99, so even though the first day of summer isn't until June 20, I think it's safe to say that it arrived early.

My essentials for the summer have changed since becoming a mom.  My go-to's are simple and easy and not fussy.  They are all here to make being a momma a bit easier and allow me to enjoy the (sometimes) slow, hot days of summer.

Everybody needs a swim cover-up for pool days, or for us, swimming days at our local swimming hole, the Quarry.  This is actually a kimono from Haberdash Soul Co. that I picked up this winter before vacation.  You have seen this print before because Lily has one to match.  I love to twin with her on occasion. I'm sure she will roll her eyes at this one day.  #sorrynotsorry  This kimono is perfect to throw over a summer dress for date night or church or over a swimsuit at the beach.  My favorite thing about it is that it's versatile. Anything I can use for more than one purpose makes me happy. 

Okay, so macaroons might not scream summer essentials, but I have been all about them lately.  They sell them at the Farmer's Market here in Omaha and I picked these up at one of our favorite cupcake shops, Jones Bros. Cupcakes, this week.  I could not resist these bright pink strawberry cuties and the cookies and cream ones are a staple.  Someday, when my kids are grown and I spend my days watching reruns of Parenthood, I am going to learn how to make these beauties.

Do you need a good summer read?  Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan's Wild and Free is so so good for any and every woman, not just mommas.  I am just starting and I am internally saying 'yes'...'YES' to every. single. thing. This encouraging read won't be on my nightstand long because I just can't get enough.

This incredible Rodan and Fields lip shield is my new go-to chapstick.  It has SPF 25 and soothes and protects my lips all day.  I love the scent and the shape of the stick is unique in it's oval shape.  I keep one in my diaper bag and one in my beach bag so I am never without it.

I recently joined the dry shampoo band wagon.  Honestly friends, I don't wash my hair much.  It is long and thick and takes ten thousand gallons of water to rinse the shampoo out.  You might be grossed out, but I wash it once or twice a week.  I use this Umberto dry shampoo in-between washes and it does the job.  I didn't really research or experiment with other dry shampoos, it was just the one sitting on the shelf in Target that caught my eye.  Plus, I had two toddlers begging for bagels while I was shopping, so that moved my decision right along.  If you have a favorite dry shampoo, I would love to hear about it!

This summer is looking to be a good one.  We have lots of swimming and playing in the sun in mind, but trying not to load too many things on our calendar. 

Hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you are today!

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