Sunny Saturday

I don't know about you, but I love receiving packages in the mail.  It makes an ordinary day extra special and I get something swoon worthy without having to scour stores or leave my home or my couch.  This week I received a few extra special packages in the mail that I had been waiting on for awhile and it was like Christmas when I picked them up from the mailbox.  One of those items is included today.  (Hint: it's the first one.)

First up is this little crop top.  Crop tops are perfect for Lily because a) she is a miniature hot box and can stay cool b) her baby belly hangs out and makes me so so happy and c) she has easy access to her belly button, which is her favorite body part (is a belly button a body part?).  This top is made by Vivie and Ash and this shop carries the cutest tops, headbands, dresses, and bottoms.  I love everything they make and their fabric is just dreamy for summertime.

Bless-ed Target was having a sale on kid shorts last week, so I finally decided it was time to pick up a pair or two for the babes.  I'm all about the easy breeziness of t-shirts and shorts and these jegging shorts can go with the strawberry crop top or any other t-shirt in Lily's closet.  AND, don't you adore the little cuffs??

I was shopping for a few gifts this week and decided to stop over at Paper Kite.  Paper Kite is a baby shop that originally started in Lincoln and recently opened up shop in the Countryside Plaza in Omaha.  (Local friends, check them out!) Absolutely everything in the shop is adorable and I could baby shop for days in there.  This week when I went, my babes were tagging along so I was speed shopping all the while picking up five thousand things Luke and Lily knocked over and tried to discourage them from racing laps around the store with the wooden push toys.  The girl working the counter was so sweet and smiled and chatted and wasn't concerned at all about my busy children making the store look like our playroom at home.  #blessherheart  In between picking up the shoes Lily wanted to try on and asking Luke to not play the piano too loud, I found a simple, beautiful headband for Miss Lily.  It is soft and on nylon elastic and Lily will be wearing it constantly this summer.  It's from LuluLuvs, which is a handmade shop based in Brooklyn.  She has beautiful prints and her shop will be opening back up this fall.

When Luke was a toddler somehow we got started on eating lots of granola bars. He would ask for 'bars' constantly, so I finally decided it was time to take a hiatus from them for awhile.  Recently on a Target run, I was needing some extra shopping time, so I randomly picked up some bars off the shelf.  (Yes, I am the mom that opens a package in the store.)   The kind I found are the CLIF Kid Zbars and they are perfect for summertime when we are heading to the zoo or the park or the swimming hole.  This specific kind doesn't melt and I can feel good about what Luke and Lily are putting in their tiny little bodies.   Plus, they gobble them down and buy me a few extra minutes to pick up everything on my list.

My Lily girl loves flowers even more than her Momma.  We made it to Trader Joe's this week to pick up some beauties, but we also have lots blooming on the farm.  These hydrangeas are just starting to make my deck look a bit more beautiful and Lily and I love smelling them on our walks.

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be on this Father's Day weekend!  You can either find us in the A/C or on the deck with our feet in the baby pool.  It's going to be a hot one here on the Trail.

Have a Sunny Saturday, all!

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