Road Trip Memories

Little feet pitter pattering across the carpet, giggles erupting from the small, apartment style kitchen, Kevin singing, "Where are they?"  These are the sounds I heard as I was washing my face this week in our hotel room in Denver. I look into the kitchen that is right across from the bathroom, suds on my face and hands, and Luke and Lily are standing there, 'hiding', big smiles across their faces, anticipating Kevin coming around the corner any second.

Luke couldn't help himself, he starts laughing uncontrollably before Kevin peeks his head around the corner to 'find' them.  Luke and Lily come bursting from the kitchen into their Daddy's arms, knocking him over, like lion cubs to their momma.  This short film plays on repeat in our hotel room until bath time.

If you've been hanging out here awhile, you know that our family loves to travel.  Kevin and I love exploring new places alone and with our littles. Each trip brings with it new adventures and challenges.  

Kevin had a conference this week in Denver.  He loves having us tag along when we can, so we decided to drive out instead of fly and spend an extra day after his conference concluded.  Three months ago when I was planning this trip, I was giddy for some time away from the farm and chores.  Summer is beautiful on the Trail, but brings lots of extra 'to dos'.  As the trip grew closer, I was dragging my feet to prepare for it and actually dreading it just a teeny tiny bit.  Because I knew an eight hour road trip with the littles (especially Lily) would be hard and I knew packing would not be fun and I knew they probably wouldn't sleep well, which meant that Kevin and I probably wouldn't sleep well. And honestly, it just sounded easier to stay home.

But, I packed diapers and wipes and clothes and swim gear and our double stroller that takes up almost the entire trunk and a cart load of Trader Joe's snacks and we made the trek across Nebraska to Denver.  

And, friends, it was so worth it.  

It wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, but we have made memories on this trip.  Good memories.  Maybe Luke will remember and maybe he won't, but Kevin and I surely will never forget.

I won't forget Luke and Lily running from Kevin in the tiny hotel room with pure joy radiating from their little bodies or the way Luke's eyes lit up when he saw the Big Boy train at the Forney Museum of Transportation #bejealous or how Luke and Lily both cried relentlessly during their first nap in the hotel room or the nights after the kids went to bed when Kevin and I collapsed and binge watched Downton Abbey or the trip from you-know-where to IKEA with Luke and Lily alone.  Okay, maybe I will try to forget that last one.

Traveling with toddlers is hard and exhausting and fun and miserable and the best, especially when they conk out at the end of a long day.  We haven't made the drive back, yet, so don't hold me to this, but I just know we will be planning our next family getaway very, very soon.

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