The Days

"Everybody watch."  My little Luke is balancing on a short, wide wooden railing that goes around a raised garden bed on our deck.  He has a big grin on his face as Kevin and I turn to look at him.  He walks across the railing and jumps triumphantly off when he reaches the end.  He goes on to repeat this about 36 more times throughout the afternoon.  

It's summertime and we spend most of our mornings, afternoons, and evenings outside on adventures or in the baby pool on our deck.  This just happens to be a Sunday afternoon and Kevin and I are both home lounging on chairs watching Luke and Lily splash and make things float and throw flowers in the pool.  Lily pulls up a kid-sized chair, sits on it, and lets her feet dangle and touch the water.  She laughs and looks at us to receive a smile.  Luke dunks his watering can into the cold water and pours it out again.

These are the days...some would say.  I am going to have to agree with every grandma that tells her granddaughter to 'enjoy these days' or 'you will blink and they will be grown'.  Summertime is full of memory making opportunities and I don't want to miss a thing.  There is nothing better for me than watching my darlings play with my feet up and a cold drink in my hand.  It makes it even more relaxing when the outside chores are done and Kevin and I can just sit, relax, and give our babies our full attention.

When my sweet boy says "Everybody watch" my eyes will turn to him so I don't miss his prideful walk or his not so elegant dismount. 

Life is good in these moments, on our deck, in the heat and I definitely think these are the days.  

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