Sleeping babes

Kevin whispers from the hall, 'you have to see this' as I am sprawled out on the couch, trying to catch a quick snooze before my babes are up and the house turns from a quiet retreat to a loud, messy playground.  Reluctantly, I rise and walk towards the hallway.  He has Luke's door opened and is taking a picture.  I walk in and see my sweet boy snuggled up, still dreaming away, with his two new trucks...on his face.  Yes, trucks, on his face.

Just hours before, he picked out those trucks at the Iowa State Fair and brought them home, treasures that he wasn't willing to part with at nap time. He loved them so much, they were granted a special spot right on his face where he wouldn't be even an inch away from them.

I am so glad I pulled myself off the couch and was able to watch my firstborn sleep peacefully for a few moments.  It's not often I get the opportunity to gaze at him when he sleeps, as he puts himself to sleep on his own and almost never falls asleep at random times or in random places.  

It's such a gift, watching a child sleep.  It reminds me of the soft, gentle spirit that lives inside that little body that is breathing deeply, eyes closed and legs curled up in a ball.  I believe it's one of God's most simple, powerful, moving gifts to parents everywhere.  It reminds us that these wild, unpredictable, sometimes frustrating children are also sweet and beautiful and lovely and good, so very good.

As I stood there watching him sleep with those ridiculous trucks on his face, I silently thanked God for allowing me to experience the simple, deep joy of watching my sweet baby boy toddler rest his body and soul.  Sleeping babies simply are the best.

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