Summer in Review

As summer comes to a close, I thought I would share what in the world our family did with the past three months.  Since I was in my first trimester with Baby #3, our poor children didn't get 110% of mom everyday.  My body was just in rest-take-it-easy-get-through-the-day mode.  I'm sure I will make up for it this fall.  Vala's Pumpkin Patch anyone?

Here is our summer in review:

We planted a pumpkin patch as well as tomatoes and carrots.  The pumpkin patch is a little out of control at this point.

We ate lots of yummy strawberries from the garden.

We spent lots and lots of evenings going on adventures.  There were lots of tractor rides, lots of toads, lots of time spent on the swings, and lots of nights without clothes.

We had many opportunities to get together with friends that live close and friends that live not so close.

The four of us drove out to Denver to see the mountains (and the Big Boy train).

We read lots of books.

We experienced a few different kinds of parades: the ones on country roads and the ones on city roads.

Luke is a big boy...he is potty trained!

We celebrated David and Katie's birthdays with a party and a trip on the Boone train.

Kevin and I were able to get out for a few dates.  We love grandparents!

We picked and froze lots of sweet corn.  (But not as much as Grandpa Gary would have liked.)

We made it to the Iowa State Fair with these goofballs.  

Grandpa Gary and Grandma Diane put in a new driveway and we got in on the fun.

We spent all summer dreaming about our new babe that will join our family in February.  We can't wait!

Now, bring on the fall!

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