Sunny Saturday

It's funny how things change.  Pre-kids when I was teaching first grade and living in the city, I adored summer.  I lived for it even.  I would count down the days until it was here, get in a few extra work-outs to get swimsuit-ready, and convince myself August would never come.  

I now have two littles, teach my babes instead of seven year olds, and live on a gravel road.  Summer is not my jam anymore.  Summer brings lots of work to be done around the farm, lots of dust when it doesn't rain, and 90 degrees just isn't fun when you're chasing two toddlers around.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the sunshine and coat, hat, glove-free errands with my babes, but fall is my new season.

Fall is leggings and sweatshirts and bonfires and football and no lines at the zoo because school is in session.  It's soup and crusty bread and hay rack rides and pumpkin patches and work winding down on the farm.  Fall is bubbling hot coffee and cozy blankets and being able to wear my hair down because the humidity has finally lifted.  Yep, fall is my jam.  

August means the glorious days of fall are right around the corner and I am counting down, just like I used to count down the days to summer. 

Today I am sharing a few random things that might not be fall related, but sure made my week a bit sunnier.

This pillow.  I am pretty sure it will go from summer to fall with ease.  It coordinates with the blues I have in the living room and kitchen and it's perfect to prop myself up with when watching Netflix with Kevin.

Last week I admitted my obsession with Shauna Niequist.  This devotional, Savor, came in the mail this week and it is splendid.  It's short, sweet, to the point, and gets me to take a minute to think deep and pray everyday.

Since fall is coming, most of our flowers are done blooming for the year. There are a few that are still trying to hold on a bit longer, but most of them have said their goodbyes until next year.  I even have mums blooming already!  These stargazer lilies are close to being gone, but Kevin picked some for me and I have been enjoying them inside all week long.  One thing I will miss about summer is fresh flowers readily available in the garden.

Something else I have embraced this week is rest.  It was a tough week in some ways and I let myself take some extra time to get the rest I needed and craved. Sometimes as a mom it's difficult to take time away from the things I 'should' be doing and instead do the things that fills me up and energizes me.  This week was a good reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and spend some time resting my body and soul.

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today and take time to dream about fall and put your feet up!

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