Everyday a Look

Lily looked at me the other day and I promise she looked different than every other day I have looked at her.  She looked more like her grandma, less like the baby face I have imprinted in my mind for all eternity.  I literally had to stop and take it in and pull her face to mine to get a better look.  Yes, she looks different.  More like a toddler.  Less like an infant.  More like her grandma.  Less like, well, what she used to look like.  More like a girl who is changing and growing everyday.  Less like the baby I want to be able to hold in my arms forever.

Time is ticking...all the time.  It passes us while we shower, make dinner, gaze out the window as the snow falls.  It is fleeting and finite and always less.  The time with my babies doesn't seem to be enough and yet at times it's too much.  

But, as I looked at my little girl, maybe my only little girl, I couldn't help but be astounded by the amount of growing up she has done in such a short amount of time.  I am simply in awe of the changes that have taken place in the seconds, minutes, hours, and days that make up her life.  I honestly can't remember what she looked like on day 89 of her life or on day 467.  Isn't that funny how we forget so quickly? 

So, from today forward I am going to try and look, really look, at Luke and Lily every single day.  Not glance, not talk to them while doing the dishes or looking at my phone.  No.  I am going to look into their sweet faces everyday because tomorrow they will be a day older and could potentially look a whole lot different than today.  Time does that...it changes us and I don't want to miss out on a day of enjoying and savoring the faces of the ones I call mine.

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