Addition = Complete

Guys, our addition is (mostly) complete.  There are a few odds and ends that need to be finished up, but it is livable and we are enjoying the space and the lack of everyday construction (and dust) down the hall.  We are not done moving things around or putting things where we want them, but I guess this pregnancy will help with that.  I am in full blown nesting mode.  Like dangerously nesting. The combination of recently reading books on minimalism and being nine months pregnant has inspired me to go through every single thing we own and declutter, organize, and get everything in it's place before Baby Boy arrives. #poorkevin  

Speaking of Kevin, he has been hard at work putting together furniture and doing anything and everything on his to-do list written by yours truly.  He really is the man of my dreams.

We have decided on furniture arrangements for our room and the baby's room, and just picked up a chaise lounge for a wall in our bedroom.  Kevin is super excited about this space.  He thinks he will be plopping down on that lounger every night to read.  We will see how that plays out...

We still have a small bedroom we are unsure what we are going to do with for the time being.  I am thinking office or homeschool room or spare bedroom?  I really have no idea.  I'm not going to rush into it because I'm sure it's purpose will change over time and I will discover how I really want to use it one of these days.  As of today, there is a desk, bookshelf, and dresser lining it's walls and the closet is currently housing tubs of clothes for Baby Boy. Luke and Lily have discovered it's the perfect room to read their Bibles and push their strollers.

My favorite part about the addition being complete is all four of us hanging out in our bed and reading books.  This happens almost on a nightly basis and the kids think it is the coolest.  And if I'm being honest, so do Kevin and I.

We are thankful and joyful the remodel was completed in plenty of time before our newest addition arrives.  Now, we just wait to fill the rooms and space with one more babe to love!

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