An Unpredictable Sunny Saturday

Blue skies.  Sun shining.  Long adventures.  Finding feathers.  Wind blowing. Rain boots caked in mud.  That has been our March so far.  

March is a pretty great month.  It's the in-between for winter and spring and there could be snow or sun or it could be 20 degrees or 70 degrees.  It's unpredictable.  I am the kind of girl who likes the surprise of a beautiful day or a snowstorm. 

This week was my first week alone with my littles.  It was kind of like March, so unpredictable.  I had lots of 'I-got-this-three-kid-thing-high-five' moments and lots and lots of 'how-did-I-ever-think-I-could-do-this' moments.  Everyday was unpredictable, but, alas, we did survive and even thrive at some points in the week.

Today I'm sharing some things that made my week a wee bit sunnier in the midst of navigating this mom of three thing alone. 
First up is this book.  Love Does by Bob Goff is unexpected in the best way and so very entertaining.  Bob talks about faith through his quirky lens with each chapter narrating a short story.  Each time I get done reading, I inevitably tell Kevin exactly what I read, because it's just one of those books you have to tell someone about.  It's good, friends.

Last week I did some rearranging and picked up some things to get my home ready for spring.  I snuck away to Target alone over the weekend and picked up this round tray.  I have been looking for a round tray for awhile and love this one with a solid bottom to rest drinks on and a catch all for our books and coasters.  And it's kid-proof.  Duh.

Purging.  You might have heard the 40 bags in 40 days thing on Facebook?  I am so in with a good purge.  Although I won't be doing a bag a day because we are pretty 'minimalist' in our own way, I will be doing one area or one category a day.  I have already gone through my old receipt folder, Luke's clothes that no longer fit him, our toy closet (yikes), kitchen cabinets, and so much more. Purging just makes me happy.

Being a mom of a newborn I would be negligent if I didn't mention sleep.  Some nights this week I got a lot and others very little.  But, when I did get more than five hours of sleep I felt like a new woman, capable of absolutely anything.  Interesting how expectations and the 'normal' changes so quickly when you have a child.

Last, is this corned beef recipe.  Ugh.  I really really dislike corn beef. Why is it on your Sunny Saturday post you ask?  Because my amazing, adorable, will watch-the-kids-like-it's-his-job-so-I-can-go-to-Starbucks husband of mine loves it.  And if he loves it and it makes him happy, it makes me happy, too. I will be serving this up next Friday for Saint Patrick's Day and, fingers crossed, it will turn out and I will be the best wife in the world.  

That's a wrap!  I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today! P.S. Did I mention it could snow today?!  

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