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In many families, the third child gets the short end of the birth order stick. The third child is the one who gets a half complete baby book or none at all, collects all the hand-me-downs, and probably gets talked into eating his sister's brussels sprouts when mom and dad aren't paying attention.  I was the firstborn, so I don't know much about any of that (other than I was the sister trying to pass along my brussels sprouts), but I do know now why the third child's young life might not be as documented or as excessively celebrated as the first child.  It's pure logistics.  Time.  Attention.  Hands.  There is only so much and so many.

This three kid gig is glorious, but my time is more divided than it has ever been before.  I am teaching letters and numbers, playing dress up, monitoring and participating in outside adventures, and nursing, changing, and sleeping a new babe.  In the midst of this, I have been attempting to get Jude's nursery (finally) complete and I am maybe done.  

In true third child style, Jude's nursery is complete a mere six weeks after he entered the world.  Compare that with Luke and Lily's rooms being done months before their arrivals.  I might have been a little more laid back this time around.

I am in love with the simplicity of Jude's room and savor the moments I get to rock and cuddle him there and give him all the attention I can (I'm trying to avoid him really feeling like a third child).

Here are some things that put the finishing touches on Jude's room this week:

My friend, Nicole, paints the most beautiful canvases and cards.  Her work is stunning and I love this super simple canvas she did for Jude's room.  She usually paints a border or background on her canvases, but I asked for something a little different and I love the way she created this piece. 

The next item is from another good friend, Paige, who sent the thoughtful blue card (pictured above) in the mail after Jude was born.  She is starting to take calligraphy classes and this is proof she has a knack for it.  This is up on Jude's shelf with his other special things.

When we were in the hospital having Jude, my sister-in-law did some cute art projects with the kids and the tractor got framed and I just know Jude will love it as he grows, especially since Luke will surely be teaching him all about things with wheels.

If there is an IKEA in a 60 mile radius, it's a sure thing I will make a trip. I am so in love with these white RIBBA frames (the large square ones pictured above).  I have four black frames in my living room and I have two white ones in Jude's room.  For less than $20 a frame, you can't really go wrong.  

Last, are the pictures I received in the mail from Mpix from Jude's newborn photo shoot.  Mpix is my go to print shop and I literally receive them in two days with regular shipping. 

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today!  It has been beautiful these last few days and we are going to be outside as much as possible, soaking it up!

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