Best Books for Babes Under Five

Four years and four months.  That's how far I am into this mom thing.  It's my dream job, really and truly.  Watching my kids learn and grow have been some of the best moments/days/years of my life.

One thing we do every single day is read.  I am a lover of books and  adore all kinds....beach-y novels, nonfiction, historical fiction.  But, there is a special place in my heart for children's books.  I started collecting them in college when I was an elementary education major and haven't stopped since.

As Luke has grown these past four years I have discovered books that 'stand the test of time', if you will.  Books that he loved when he was six months old and books he loves still today.  Books that are now held together by mere threads because they have been read over and over and carried around the house like baby's favorite blanket.

Today I am sharing my favorite books for babes under five.  These books can be read both to babies and older toddlers.  AND almost all of them can be read into the elementary years...I read a lot of these to my first graders and they still loved them at six and seven years old.

Eric Carle.  Almost every parent knows and loves this author and illustrator. My kids' favorite books from him are Brown Bear, Brown Bear (duh), The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Very Busy Spider.  All of these have been read to my babies and are still being read and reread by Luke (4) and Lily (2) today. The repetitive pattern in these books keeps babies' attention and allows older toddlers to 'read' or 'retell' these stories easily.

Dr. Suess is another well known author by both parents and teachers alike. Some of our favorites for children under five are The Best Nest and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?.  Some of Dr. Seuss' books can be long and these few are doable for both super young readers and older babes.

The Little Blue Truck books by Alice Schertle are some of my new favorites. Trucks are a big hit in our house and the animals and rhyming pattern make these books so lovable.  Our favorite is the classic The Little Blue Truck, but we also read Little Blue Truck Leads the Way often.  There are also Christmas and Halloween books that make those holidays extra special.  

This next book I could read over and over again and never, ever get sick of it. The Magic Hat by Mem Fox is the sweetest story and keeps my kids' attention so well.  Like the other books I've mentioned, this book has a rhyming pattern and both my kids love guessing the animal character that comes on the next page. This might not be as well known as others, but it really is my favorite.  And the kids adore it, too!

While Thomas the Train books and Disney Cars books are fun for a season, these books are classics that I will keep in my home to save for my future grand-babies someday.  What are some of your favorite books to read to your babes?

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