Simple Spring Things

Another week goes by and our Jude is another week older.  He is four weeks old today.  Say what?!  Yes, I know, pure madness.

This was my mom's last week here.  She took off this morning and won't be back until the end of March.  Pray for me, will you?  #homealonewiththreelittles

Today, I'm sharing some home things that ARE NOT baby related!  It has been feeling a lot like spring the last couple weeks and I am itching to update my home with some simple, spring things.  I am not one to completely change decor with the seasons, but I like to switch out plants, pillow cases, and pictures in frames. Add in some rearranging and shopping my home to mix things up and it always puts me in a good mood.

Succulents.  Everyone loves them and so do I.  I am a sucker for a green, easy to manage succulent in a cute container.  I popped into Hutch last Sunday when Kevin and I were on a date with Jude and picked up these two planters with succulents ready to go.  I am pretty in love with them.

I am really loving white right now, especially with spring around the corner. White frames, vessels and bowls or trays really brighten up spaces, especially when working with dark cabinets and shelves.  I started 'collecting' (I use that term loosely because I try not to collect anything) white home-y things about two years ago and I love how they look in my home filled with lots of wood tones.  These floating shelves in my kitchen needed an update and I used what I had lying around the house to update them for the spring.  Sometimes I tend to spread things I like around the house, but I have found that placing 'like things' or in this case 'white vessels' in the same place makes more of an impact.  Two of the vases are from Target, the pot is from Home Depot, the other vase I picked up at Junkstock and the bird is from a small boutique.

Oils came into my life a few months ago.  A MOPS friend sells Young Living and I ordered a few to try out with this diffuser.  Diffusing has been my thing lately.  Lemon is my favorite to diffuse during the day and lavender at night. Jude sleeps beside me in a rock 'n play, so I haven't been diffusing lavender lately, but I will start once he moves over to his own room.  Does anyone have any favorite oils out there?

We are spending today home as a family of five for the first time since Jude arrived.  We are going to have as lazy of a morning one can have with three kids, put together puzzles and get some fresh air, and ribs are on the menu for tonight.  Have a Sunny Saturday everyone!

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