24 hours

Saturdays give me inspiration.  Every Saturday is a complete, whole 24 hours when anything can happen.  I especially love Saturday mornings....they are all about being determined and having plenty of strong coffee to back up that determination.
Kevin was determined this morning.  He wants fast internet.  I mean as "fast as we would get in the city" internet.  That fast of internet just doesn't magically happen on Pioneer Trail.  It just doesn't....unless you dig a big hole and put a big, tall, massive pole up.  So, being the overachiever that he is, Kevin (and his amazing Dad) dug a big hole and put a big, tall, massive pole up.  Hopefully next week it will pay off and we will have lighting speed internet.

Out of focus, but Kevin and his dad working on the pole!

While he was sweating and getting blisters, I attempted a photography project.  I set my camera on manual with the shutter speed at 1/125 and aperture (or f-stop) at 5.6.  This photography project is from Pioneer Woman.  I love her site and you can see the assignment here.
I set my camera on continuous shooting and followed Abel around the farm.  Luckily, Uncle Bacchus was around to entertain Abel and I got a few good shots of Abel driving Bacchus completely mad.

Kevin's parents' cat, Chet, was on our roof and Abel was ready to attack.  He was just waiting for the right, um, moment.

I like the unnatural pics from this shoot.



They are friends (kind of).

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