Break time

I woke up early this morning to head back to Pioneer Trail in order to get some more things put away and rooms set up.  After cleaning one of the spare bedrooms and getting the bed set up, Kevin and I went out to find our puppy.  He was loving the 50 degree day and spent most of the day outside playing.  We found him in the front lawn with a massive stick.  Abel adores sticks and is always searching for the biggest, fattest one he can bring into the house (which always gets thrown back outside promptly).  As we watched Abel drag the stick around the lawn, we decided to take a few minutes and hang with him before going in and unpacking more boxes.  Below was our 15 minute break:

Where we found Abel on our break

His big stick
Kevin laying down on the lawn
Tired from carrying around his stick

And his eyes are getting heavy...
The end.

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