House Remodel: Flurry of Activity

When I pulled into the house tonight there were 3 trucks sitting in the driveway, not one or two, but 3.  I stumbled on my seat belt and dropped my phone on the way out of the car, not caring if any of the carpenters saw me because there were 3 trucks in my driveway!  I couldn't wait to see what was waiting for me inside, but I did wait because Abel needed to go outside and play for awhile and harass the carpenters who were working on the deck and the internet guy who is trying to unearth a way to get us faster speed (which requires digging a deep hole).  After Abel was successful in getting everyone to pay attention to him, I was able to get a sneak peek on the kitchen.  Some of the doors are on the cabinets and the chalkboard wall is painted above the wine bar.  The countertops are going in tomorrow and the deck railings will be positioned.  There might be some progress on the cabinet doors as well.  There is a winter storm coming in this weekend, which seems crazy because we have had "no coat" days at recess all week, and it is timely that the deck will be finished before it reaches Pioneer Trail.  I love trucks because trucks mean progress.  I wonder if I'll come home to trucks (plural) tomorrow?

The deck

Somewhat hard to see, but the wine bar with chalkboard wall.

Cabinets with DOORS!

Where the wall oven will eventually end up.

A view from where the countertops will go tomorrow!

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